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Church App Development

My Pocket Church is a mobile app development company located in Dallas Texas; the heart of the United States. The company started its mobile app development operations in 2010 with a small group of visionary entrepreneurs. The group's background skills consist of Internet marketing, technical sales, software development and graphic design. The group truly believed that mobile devices and business related mobile apps were the next big revolution.

With Apple™ having billions of entertainment apps downloaded from their itunes market everyday and Android exploding, the "My Pocket Church App" team knew the business app development market would grow also. After three full years in the market, the team was right.

Church mobile apps are growing faster then any other app development. With over 620 business apps developed on it's platform, MyPocket has positioned itself to be a leader in church app development.


Our app development process with the "My Pocket Church" corporation was refreshing when it came to customer service. We knew we wanted an app for the church and no more than that. My Pocket Church app explained why and more. Truly a great company evolving here.

  • We are excited more than our customers when their project is successful and complete.
  • Our team takes the time to educate our customers on the growing church app industry.
  • My Pocket Church app pricing is the best for the quality product we provide.
  • Finally, we won't just tell you what you want to hear. We are honesty with you so you can make a informed decision.


iTunes Apps95%
Android App90%
Mobile HTML580%
Site Development85%
App Marketing70%