Church App Features

About Ministry

Here members and visitors can get to know your ministry. You can provide detail information about the church's history, its vision, head pastor and ministry beliefs. It’s also a great section to list staff member profiles.

Mobile Bible

Many mobile users study the bible on their smart-phone or etablets. With a “My Pocket" church app, we incorporated one of the most advanced bibles online. You also can link to any other online bible.

Photo Gallery

The Image Galler is an easy and awesome way to display images inside your church app. You can create a custom gallery through the dashboard, or integrate with Picasa, Flickr or Instagram to pull in existing galleries.

Live Streaming

Sunday video streaming is very popular amongst church app users. Your church ministy can literally start its own live T.V station. There are several 3rd - party companies we work with like Live Stream and Ustream.

Sermon Audios

Listening to sermon audios is one of the powerful features in a mobile church app. We can import from iTunes extensive database, link directly to online sermon MP3s, or integrate any Podcast channel.

RSS Blog Feed

Does your church have RSS blog feed? Well our church apps can integrate yourRSS feeds where it renders in an appealing layout for your members to read. We create and use custom icons based on your logo.

Social Media

Social media networks are big! We can integrate several social networks into your church app. My Pocket apps most common app integrations are Twitter, GooglePlus and Facebook. Let us take you ministry social.

Contact Us

The Contact tab is one of the most essential tab in a church app. It has general information like ministry location, church website URL, contact info (phone & email), and worship service operating hours.


You can create multiple mailing-list within your church app to send out monthly newsletters. Our system allows your church organization to integrate with several existing mailing systems like iContact and others.

Home Screen Slider

Sometimes you may want to display mulitple home-screen images. This works well when you have an upcoming event you want to promote. You can create a screen and have it fade-in or slide in one direction.

Receive Donations

Donations are an important part of any non-profit organization. Utilizing a church app to collect donations is at great idea. Our development team can assist your church ministry with a mobile donation solution.

YouTube / Vimeo

Video is a great way to engage your church members. YouTube and Vimeo are popular video hosting platforms that we can integrate right into your church app. Videos can display either in ascending or descending order.

App Sharing

The Share app tab is a great marketing tool that works on word of mouth. You place the sharing power in your members' hands, allowing them share your church app with others in just a few short clicks.

Pdf Files & Printing

Many non-organizations use pdf documents for event calendars, important newsletters, sermon-notes and funeral obituaries. "My Pocket" church apps allow organizations to upload pdf files and printing directly.

Sermon Notepad

The Sermon Notepad is an easy way for members to save notes within the church app. Your Members can open the app and jot verses down while in Sunday service. This is a simple, but powerful app feature.


Send push-messages to your members at anytime with our church app. The messages can contain text, links and attached pdf. files. In additon, you can use "GEO" fences or target the messages to a specific address.

Prayer Request

Our church apps can be set to receive "Prayer Request" using two different methods. First, you can allow users to record audio and send via email. Second, you can setup a “Prayer Wall” similar to facebook for the postings.

Event Photo

The "Send An Event Photo" feature is used to share photos directly through the church app. Your church members can email their event photos directly to the ministry's email through this sharing feature.

Group / Guest Login

This feature allow ministries to setup groups that require  a username and password to access. A guest login button also appears for general members. You can select which features to display in a particular group.

News Feed / Widget

The News tab is a great feature that keeps your church app users up-to-date on issues that relate to your ministry.  You can also activate the home-screen widget option that scrolls like a ticker at the bottom.

New Features Updates

My Pocket Church apps has one of the most robust "Content Management Systems" on the market. App administrators are easily able to change the content, layout, design and promote their church app. See new features below.

Pastor Pic
  • Apple Developer Account (assit) (1/9/20)
  • Updated Church App Analytics (12/19/19)
  • Group/ Memebership (12/1/19) 
  • Individual/Group Push-notes (1/13/20)
  • New Event Tab Redesign (9/9/19)
  • Event Slider Update (1/11/20)