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Monday, 02 May 2016 07:54

Church App Media

Does your church members crave for sermon media content?

Church members expect to receive the word each time they set foot in the house of worship. Many can’t wait to hear the pastor start teaching the sermon lesson. Sometimes members want more than what is delivered on a Saturday or Sunday gathering. Many churches use old school methods like recording the sermon audio or video on CDs. The member can then pick the CD up in few hours after the meeting. This can be time consuming and expensive for any ministry. Just editing a video or audio file could cost 100s of dollars.

Well many churches have turned to delivery their sermon media in a different way. A church app. Mobile technology advancements, allow us to receive our sermon media in the blink of an eye when you want it.

Church apps have several forms of delivering media to your mobile phone. First, video can be uploaded to a hosting partner like YouTube or Vimeo for free. Then integrated into the church app via a RSS feed. Second, is sermon audios. Think about listening to your favorite pastor while cooking dinner, sitting at a little league football game, cutting the lawn, or any other time besides being physically at church. This also allows a member to turn their most stressful time into positive encouragement time. The final form of sermon media delivery, is live streaming video. That right! Many churches are using their church apps to create something similar to live T.V. It’s actually better.

Members don’t have to sit through commercials or hunt for on-demand channel recordings. They can just click one button at the streaming live service time and Bam! I once heard a member discuss why they liked the live streaming service. They stated that they attends service in N.Y almost every Sunday, but its certain times of the year streaming the service is better. One example they gave was “Easter Sunday.” They stated on this particular day they always stay home because it’s no parking spots open. Instead of trying for fine a parking spot and then a seat, they rather stay home and stream the service. In addition, they said they tithe their donation through the app at the same time.

You can see church app media is the new way to delivery and receive sermon media. If your church doesn’t have an app they are missing out.


Monday, 02 May 2016 07:54

Mobile Church Apps

Let’s face it – we all need a bit of divine inspiration, and what could be better than getting it on a daily basis? Now, with a church app, ministries and spiritual leaders can reach out to their congregations to give them a daily dose of spiritual healing and support.

There are 380,000 churches in North America alone. Church mobile app development is in high demand and one of the most effective applications used with mobile technology. A Mobile church app can help reach the growing market of smart-phone users and build loyalty, trust and dedication among congregation members. As spiritual leaders, it’s important to always be available, whether it is an emergency or just a member that is going through a difficult time in their life.

The church apps allow people to contact to you with one click of a button, for fast and easy service. Ministries can upload and share photos of the latest church events as well as staff members through the built-in photo album feature. People can also access social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Donations can be given directly through the church app thus increasing the church bottom-line. These apps also could have a “prayer wall’ tool that allows the church app users to share their prayer requests. In addition, users have access to record sermons and view streaming videos.

The members will always be connected in some way to their church and never feel alone. It’s heartwarming to know that they can contact their spiritual leader at any time, or listen to the latest sermon if they need a spiritual boost. With everyone leading such busy lives these days, it can be hard to find the time for spiritual renewal. A church can help people stay connected to their church and find time for peace and rejuvenation.

App Features:

  • One-Touch Calling
  • Prayer Wall
  • Mobile eBible
  • Reading Plans
  • Car Locator Tab
  • Podcast/Music Player
  • Church Event Cam
  • Sermon Recorder
  • Mobile Donations
  • Push-messaging
  • Church App Search
  • Join Mailing-list
  • GPS Directions
  • Share Our App Feature
  • YouTube/Vimeo
  • Social Media Integration
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Consultation Booking
Monday, 02 May 2016 07:54

Church App Push Notifications

Church apps are one of the most effective tools for small and large ministries. The app becomes a direct bridge that connects the ministry and its members. Many years ago it was disciples and their long travels across lands that delivered the word of God. The time it took for a message or an upcoming event to get out to masses was inconceivable. Nothing has really changed but the way those messages are being delivered. Because of technology advances, a message can be sent to others in a blink of an eye to one mobile device. Amazing to think if Adam had his own app, and a smart-phone, he could reach thousand people with click. He could tell people where to meet, what time and how to get there.

Well because of smart-phones and mobile apps; this is now being done each and every day by churches all over the world. Churches are embracing the mobile app technology and delivering push-messages to its member’s phones at a highly effective rate. Normally, a church would depend on its online website or old school “SMS” packages. We all know that a website is static and can’t send anything to a visitor mobile phone. With “SMS’ services, it’s become a legal issues, especially when someone returns the text or receives it without permission. Not to mention the enormous cost associated with these “SMS” packages. One church we knew of was paying $200 per month just to send messages to its church members.

Church app push-notification messaging allow you to send messages to your members legally and cost less. Push-messages can be sent to target group, area or within a “GEO” fenced location. The messages can even be scheduled to sent at a later time. Once the message is sent your members get an immediate notifications on their devices. In most church apps after the message is read, it will be stored for later reading on another tab. This allows the user to retrieve any messages they might have missed. Push-Messages can also have attachments such as pdf files or website links with video.

Ministries can benefit greatly from church apps with a push-messaging system included. It is no doubt that this is one of the greatest technologies that has come within the last 1,000 years. A message once had travel thousands of miles across harsh lands and be delivered in person. No more. Church app push-messages are educating the mass by the thousands. Get your ministry connect with its own church app messaging system.


Sunday, 01 May 2016 17:40

Pastor Church App

Pastors have a huge responsibility in today’s ministries besides delivering the word of god. They are called to wear many hats. Some pastors travel to multiple ministries and preform sermons on demand. Other pastors are consistently call to different locations like hospitals to pray for its members. Pastors also provide consulting services and are sometimes call to leadership roles for the local community. This is all done with the same 24-hours that everyone has. Incredible right.
Have you ever wondered how a pastor gets all of this done with so very little time? One answer of course is their strong faith in god. Another is a wiliness to serve its members and other people in need. But still a pastor can only be in one place at a time, or maybe not. What if pastors could truly be in several places at one time? Well here is one solution that could help ease their daily burden. A Pastor’s Personal mobile app.

The utilization of mobile technology has become one of the most powerful forms used to reach people. One study shows that 75% of the pollution have a mobile device of some sort. When a pastor combines the phone with their own personal mobile app, they could pray in multiple places at once. Counsel multiple groups of people around the world. Receive many donations miles from their location. Allow members to schedule sessions so they could be more organized. Preach sermons through a podcast that can be heard by millions at one time. All of this and more can be done with a pastor personal mobile app.

Another powerful feature is the ability to send push-messages. Pastors can send their own push-messages out while on the go. These messages can be sent immediately or scheduled to go out at a specific time. The pastor app can also be setup to give the users the ability to choose what type of messages they want to receive. Using this feature allows the user to select from a pre-determine group list like youth ministry, adult group or bible study.

A Pastor personal mobile app is truly one of the best tools a pastor could have. Pastors can now gain a little more control of their time by using mobile technology.


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