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Church App Push Notifications

Church apps are one of the most effective tools for small and large ministries. The app becomes a direct bridge that connects the ministry and its members. Many years ago it was disciples and their long travels across lands that delivered the word of God. The time it took for a message or an upcoming event to get out to masses was inconceivable. Nothing has really changed but the way those messages are being delivered. Because of technology advances, a message can be sent to others in a blink of an eye to one mobile device. Amazing to think if Adam had his own app, and a smart-phone, he could reach thousand people with click. He could tell people where to meet, what time and how to get there.

Well because of smart-phones and mobile apps; this is now being done each and every day by churches all over the world. Churches are embracing the mobile app technology and delivering push-messages to its member’s phones at a highly effective rate. Normally, a church would depend on its online website or old school “SMS” packages. We all know that a website is static and can’t send anything to a visitor mobile phone. With “SMS’ services, it’s become a legal issues, especially when someone returns the text or receives it without permission. Not to mention the enormous cost associated with these “SMS” packages. One church we knew of was paying $200 per month just to send messages to its church members.

Church app push-notification messaging allow you to send messages to your members legally and cost less. Push-messages can be sent to target group, area or within a “GEO” fenced location. The messages can even be scheduled to sent at a later time. Once the message is sent your members get an immediate notifications on their devices. In most church apps after the message is read, it will be stored for later reading on another tab. This allows the user to retrieve any messages they might have missed. Push-Messages can also have attachments such as pdf files or website links with video.

Ministries can benefit greatly from church apps with a push-messaging system included. It is no doubt that this is one of the greatest technologies that has come within the last 1,000 years. A message once had travel thousands of miles across harsh lands and be delivered in person. No more. Church app push-messages are educating the mass by the thousands. Get your ministry connect with its own church app messaging system.


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