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Pastor Church App

Pastors have a huge responsibility in today’s ministries besides delivering the word of god. They are called to wear many hats. Some pastors travel to multiple ministries and preform sermons on demand. Other pastors are consistently call to different locations like hospitals to pray for its members. Pastors also provide consulting services and are sometimes call to leadership roles for the local community. This is all done with the same 24-hours that everyone has. Incredible right.
Have you ever wondered how a pastor gets all of this done with so very little time? One answer of course is their strong faith in god. Another is a wiliness to serve its members and other people in need. But still a pastor can only be in one place at a time, or maybe not. What if pastors could truly be in several places at one time? Well here is one solution that could help ease their daily burden. A Pastor’s Personal mobile app.

The utilization of mobile technology has become one of the most powerful forms used to reach people. One study shows that 75% of the pollution have a mobile device of some sort. When a pastor combines the phone with their own personal mobile app, they could pray in multiple places at once. Counsel multiple groups of people around the world. Receive many donations miles from their location. Allow members to schedule sessions so they could be more organized. Preach sermons through a podcast that can be heard by millions at one time. All of this and more can be done with a pastor personal mobile app.

Another powerful feature is the ability to send push-messages. Pastors can send their own push-messages out while on the go. These messages can be sent immediately or scheduled to go out at a specific time. The pastor app can also be setup to give the users the ability to choose what type of messages they want to receive. Using this feature allows the user to select from a pre-determine group list like youth ministry, adult group or bible study.

A Pastor personal mobile app is truly one of the best tools a pastor could have. Pastors can now gain a little more control of their time by using mobile technology.


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