My Pocket Church FAQs

You will find answers to common questions about our company and our church app services below. If you have any additional questions that are not addressed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to assist you and provide the information you need.

We have been developing apps since 2010. My Pocket stands by its brand and challenges anyone to find a negative comment about our services. Our customers simple love our focus to details and superfast customer support.  My Pocket Church has the creditability and experience. Simply put, we are ethical and proud of the work we do with churches.


Mobile marketing is arguably the closest you can get to your members besides being in the church.  There is no other device that is as personal or as pervasive. The smart-phone provides you the opportunity deliver your message and connect like never before.


My Pocket church apps are the most cost effective mobile communication tool available to ministries. It allows any organization to communicate directly with its members and get its message out. The users receive updated information and enjoy sermon media right in their pockets 24/7.


My Pocket is a brand of mobile app development companies located through the U.S. Our platform supports somewhere around 20,000 church and business apps.


We are located in the heart of the United States, Dallas Texas

es, MyPocket Church does business in other countries. We have expanded our services to cater to churches and religious organizations internationally to help them enhance their digital presence, engage their communities, and foster spiritual growth. By offering our solutions globally, we aim to support churches worldwide in utilizing technology to connect with their members and spread their message effectively.

Yes, My Pocket has a team of 100+ developer that cover most mobile app developments.

When designing for the home screen of your church app, it is important to consider the dimensions of 75×1624 pixels in the .png file format. These specific dimensions ensure that the app icon appears properly on various mobile devices and operating systems.

Yes, you will have the abilty to cahnge the design and layout.

No, there is no strict limit on the number of push messages that can be sent out. However, it’s important to consider best practices and avoid excessive or spammy messaging. Sending an overwhelming number of push notifications can lead to user dissatisfaction and potential uninstalls of the app.

Yes, we have many churches that create apps for their different ministries.

GooglePlay account cost is $25.00 to open. We save our customers this fee by placing the app under our account at no charge.

The entire process from the purchase to submission, we estimate 20-days. My Pocket Church apps has developed a process that ensures you get what you want without rushing the process. It also ensures that we keep the highest quality standard for every church app developed under the “My Pocket” brand.


Yes, My Pocket Church Apps provides management services for mobile apps. However, please note that additional fees will apply for this service. Please consult with one of our sales members for more information.

Great question! Apple does have a very strict approval process and we cannot guarantee your mobile church app will get approved the first-time we publish. However, we can guarantee that we will continue to modify your church app until it is approved. We have a 98% approval rate on the first try.


The app account fee is a recurring payment required to maintain access to your app and its associated services. It covers expenses related to hosting, maintenance, updates, and ongoing support for your app.


All mobile apps are developed for Android, iPhone and iPad.

Yes, we display this list on our website. Select the button to view.

Yes, your organization will need to open a developer account. In order to distribute your mobile app through official app stores, such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, it is necessary to have a developer account. These developer accounts allow you to publish and manage your app, ensuring that it reaches your target audience effectively.

No, My Pocket church app account management system is user friendly and requires very little technical skills. We will train your organization at no extra cost after the app has been approved in the app stores.
If you fail to pay your app account fee within the specified timeframe, your app may become inactive as per the terms outlined in the contract. Nonpayment can result in the suspension or removal of access to your app and its associated services.
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Is there a fee associated with republishing my app to the app store? A: Yes, there is a cost involved when you republish your app to the app store. The fee for app store listing changes is $150.

Yes, our servers have an impressive uptime of 99.9% and we continuously maintain and monitor them to ensure optimal performance and reliability.