Project info

  • Date: Jun 20, 2023
  • Client: Bevelyn Gerald
  • Address: Maryland U.S.A

Pray it Loud Mobile App!

Welcome To Our Pray it Loud Mobile App!

The Pray it Loud app is a powerful app that provides written prayers, audio prayers and information on salvation.

It will allow you to access a directory of prayers for all occasions.

The prayers were created with you in mind to cover situations and problems that many are faced on a daily basis. Pray it Loud prayers, promotes encouragement, healing, deliverance, and salvation to all who read and seek help. You will have the ability to submit a prayer for us to review and if selected will be spotlighted in the app. Another feature will allow you to accept a 26 week challenge to help improve your faith walk. You can speak a prayer request into the mobile app.

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