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About My Pocket Church Apps

My Pocket Church Apps, a company that has been in business since 2010, is an innovative technology company specializing in developing mobile apps for churches and other custom software applications. With a focus on enhancing the spiritual journey of individuals and fostering stronger connections within communities, we have emerged as a leading provider of digital solutions in the religious sector. Below are our steps to engage customers through the process of developing custom applications.
2. You Give The Go Ahead

2. You Give The Go Ahead

This is where you give us the green light to began the project,
3. Deposit & Agreement

3. Deposit & Agreement

You will be required to make a small deposit to start the project.
4. Starting Your Project

4. Starting Your Project

The exciting part! Our team will start the project programming.

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Consulting Service

Do you need to hire us as a consultant?

My Pocket has years of experience in the mobile and software space. We’re here to help, even if your development is already completed by another team.

Project Reveiw

We offer a comprehensive review service for ongoing or completed projects.

Project Testing

Our team will test your application and provide a written assessment

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