Church App Features

Welcome to the My Pocket Church App feature list. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive digital solution that enhances communication, fosters engagement, and strengthens your congregation. Explore the exciting features below that make our app a valuable tool for your ministry’s growth and impact:
Chucrh App About Us feature
ABOUT US - This section provides an opportunity for both members and visitors to get to know you better. Here, you can give a detailed overview of our church's history, vision, leadership, team members, mission and core beliefs.
Chucrh App Community Feed feature
COMMUNITY FEED – Is an exciting feature that enables users to connect and engage with one another within our app's vibrant community. With the Community Feed, you can easily follow other users and view public posts from those you follow.
My Pocket Church app donation feature
RECEIVE DONATIONS - Donations are an important part of any non-profit organization. Utilizing a church app to collect donations is a great idea. Our development team can assist you with integrating your preferred solution.
Chucrh App On The Go Push Messages feature
ON THE GO PUSH - You can send push notification from your mobile anytime, anywhere. No need to log into the App Dashboard on your computer to send out a notification, with On The Go Push plugin, open the app, type a message and send.
My Pocket Church app bible feature
MOBILE BIBLE - Many mobile users study the bible on their smart-phone or etablets. With our church app, we incorporated one of the most advanced bibles online. You also can link to any other online bible that you may have.
Chucrh App Social Media Feature
SOCIAL MEDIA - Social media networks are big! We can integrate several social networks into your church app. My Pocket apps most common app integrations are Twitter, TikTok and Facebook. Let us take you ministry social.
Chucrh App YouTube / Vimeo Feature
YOUTUBE / VIMEO - Video is a great way to engage your church members. YouTube and Vimeo are popular video hosting platforms that we can integrate right into your church app. Videos can display either in ascending or descending order.
Chucrh App Image Gallery feature
PHOTO GALLERY - The Photo Gallery section, where we showcase captivating images within our church app. This feature provides a seamless and delightful way to display visual moments and memories from our ministry.
Chucrh App Contact Us Feature
CONTACT US - The Contact tab is one of the most essential tab in a church app. It has general information like ministry location, church website URL, contact info (phone & email), and worship service hours.
Chucrh App Share App Feature
APP SHARING - The Share App tab is a great marketing tool that works on word of mouth. You place the sharing power in your members' hands, allowing them share your church app with others with just a click.
Chucrh App Live Streaming Feature
LIVE STREAMING - Sunday video streaming is very popular amongst church app users. Your church ministry can literally start its own live T.V station. You can use YouTube, Vimeo or your own streaming Url link.
Chucrh App Google Forms Feature
GOOGLE FORMS - Take surveys, plan your next mintsry trip, manage event registrations, whip up a quick poll, collect email addresses for a newsletter, create a pop quiz, and much more.
My Pocket Church App Features
PDF FILES - Many non-organizations use pdf documents for event calendars, important newsletters, sermon-notes and funeral obituaries. "My Pocket" church apps allow organizations to upload pdf files and printing directly.
My Pocket Church App Features
SERMON AUDIOS - Listening to sermon audios is one of the most powerful features in a mobile church app. Our system allows multiple media formats to be used. Also, you can link directly to online audion sermons.
My Pocket Church App Features
MEDIA FEED - Sync your RSS feeds to give your church members interactive, educational, content. Import your feed once and your new posts will automatically pulled in. Different feeds that can be used are MP4, stream, music, podcast and radio.
Chucrh App Sermon Notes Feature
SERMON NOTES -The Sermon Notes is an easy way for members to study and save their notes within the church app. Your members can jot verses down while in Sunday service or relaxing at home. This is a simple, but powerful app feature. My Pocket ranks this as a must have.
My Pocket Church App Features
GIVE SUGGESTIONS - Listen to your members and visitors’ honest feedback through a star rating system and custom commenting. Users feedback is critical in gaining insight and better user experience.
Chucrh App Prayer Wall feature
PRAYER WALL - Keep your users engaged and communicating in your app with social walls. When users perform an interactive action (i.e. liking a post, commenting on a post), other users in that group will even get an automated SMARTPush™ notification.
My Pocket Church App Coupon Feature
Coupon Feature - Is designed to enhance the user experience by providing access to a wide range of searchable and mappable coupons. Whether your ministry has a single location or multiple, this feature is a valuable addition that offers incredible benefits to your members
My Pocket Church App Event feature
CHURCH EVENTS - designed to provide users with a comprehensive platform for discovering and engaging with ministry events. Whether you're looking for a ministry program, or special occasions, this feature allows you to search for events happening and easily RSVP.
My Pocket Church App Text/WYSIWYG feature
Text/WYSIWYG plugin - is much more than just plain text. You can also embed images, videos, and forms. You can even use it as an HTML editor to customize the plugin however you want. Also, works great for notes and church announcements
My Pocket Church app Time Release Content feature
TIMED RELEASED CONTENT - is the tool for success. Timed release content creates categories, adds features, elements and schedules the date and time they will appear. Tease members by graying out content that isn’t yet available. Timed release builds users’ anticipation.
My Pocket Church app CMS push message feature
PUSH NOTIFICATION - are a great way to communicate instantly to your user base! You can send them out to all of your app users, send them out to notification groups that people subscribe to, or send out a notification to a custom segment of people.
My Pocket Church app location feature
LOCATIONS – You can create different ministry locations on the map and categorize them; add details, open hours, price range, custom actions, and other settings. Great for large ministries with multiple locations.

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My Pocket Church App Features